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Effective self-care is one of the key components of long term dental and
periodontal health, fresh breath and for longevity of dental restorations.

The bacteria in plaque is the cause of dental decay and periodontal disease.  What
makes it even more dangerous is that plaque is colorless and nearly invisible
making self assessment of its effective daily removal very difficult.

There are many different types of removal aids, brushes, both manual and
powered; all kinds of floss, toothpicks; rubber tips; tongue cleaners, etc.  We work
together to learn what works best in your mouth since everyone is different 0 it
takes a one on one individual approach.  We also supply you with all the necessary
components to accomplish this in just a few minutes a day.

We also make the "
Rotadent" brush available to you.  It is one of the most
effective brushes at removing plaque and is only available through dental
professionals.  As our Dental Hygienist about
Rotadent at your next recall

In addition, research has shown that fl
uoride kills bacteria and prevents decay by
strengthening the teeth, making it more resistant to the acid-by-products of

What are the benefits of our ORAL HEALTH PROGRAM?

A truly health mouth
Fresh breath 24 hours a day
Healthy gums that don't bleed
Significantly reduced decay
Decrease risk of other medical problems
Helps Dr. Croley do your dentistry more predictably since your teeth will be
spotless and gums healthy.
Oral Health Program
Teeth Whitening
We offer an in home teeth whitening kit with custom fit mouth trays
that will make you look and feel 10-20 years younger.  Kit includes
customized trays and whitening gel.

We also offer in home bleaching strips which come in a pack of
10 (2 sets of 5 for upper/lower) .  These strips have such a
wonderful fit you may even drink while wearing them.
New Patients- At your first appointment, we will give you an in depth new
patient exam performed by Dr. Croley, take 4 Bitewing x-rays (allows us to
determine if there is any decay between the teeth) and a Panoramic X-ray  
(a full skeletal view which will show bite relationship and detects the visibility
of any abnormalities).  We will also clean your teeth at this appointment and
determine whether it is a routine cleaning (a patient who sees the dentist
regularly for cleanings and keeps up with their home care) or a Full Mouth
Debridement which is the first of two cleanings that are done when there is
excessive build up on the teeth. The first debridement is when most of the
tartar or calculus is removed from the teeth.  In 2-3 weeks we will bring you
back for another cleaning as your tissues will be much less tender and
have shrunk down enough so that any of the remaining tartar or calculus
will be visible and can be removed.